The only tabletop 4x experience that takes less than an hour

EXPLORE uncharted space. 

EXPAND your network of unique planets. 

EXPLOIT those planets for the resources you need to develop ships and technologies. 

EXTERMINATE your rivals as you lead your alien faction to salvation by controlling the Last Light in the universe.


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Unique in Every Way

From the impressive one-of-a-kind planets, there's no two copies of Last Light that will look the same. 

The unique strategies and rotating board will make sure that no two games of Last Light play the same. 

Asymmetrical Factions and Game-Changing Technologies 

There are over 30 alien factions each with their own unique powers to help you claim the Last Light.

Chart a path to victory by mastering technological supremacy, trading rare resources, or building an indestructible fleet - the choice is yours!

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

Your choices each turn are straightforward. Play one of six action cards, and take that action, while the other players simultaneously select and carry out their selected action. 

But each of Last Light's alien factions is a unique puzzle that will unlock the path to victory in its own way, and the player who adapts to their circumstances the best will find victory.

Amazingly Detailed Components

Whether you take the stunning acrylic core planets or upgrade to the hand-poured resin globes, the beauty of the Last light universe is sure to blow you away. 

Every crowdfunded copy comes with 3D resources canisters, detailed ship miniatures, and acrylic light and damage tokens, to take this already awesome game to the next level.

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